Active Bystander, Campus Safety, ICU Application 1000+ COLLEGE CAMPUSES HAD ZERO REPORTED RAPES IN 2015 BUT THAT MIGHT BE A BAD...

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An analysis of federal campus safety data for more than 2,000 college campuses in the United States found that more than half of them had zero reported rapes on campus in 2014.

Some colleges and universities had dozens of reported rapes, with Brown University and the University of Connecticut topping the list with 43 apiece.

As The Post dug into the data, they found certain schools had advantages over others. Some are commuter schools or online-only universities, which would greatly reduce the risk of such instances as no students live on those campuses. Others have very small student populations.

Yet, Senator Kristen Gillibrand thinks the schools with no reported rapes might be actively hiding something.

“Either they don’t have an adequate reporting system … or they know about the rapes and are putting them under the rug,” she told The Post.

Senator Claire McCaskill said that seeing reports go up on some campuses as a “good” sign. She went on to clarify that she’d like to see the number of incidents go down, but since it’s believed that rape is underreported, schools with higher number of reported rapes are creating an environment where victims are comfortable coming forward. The implication being that those campuses with zero reported rapes have created an atmosphere that encourages silence.


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